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Declaration about responsible use of computer systems

You should behave responsibly when using the computer systems at Aalborg University.
Furthermore, you should be aware that these regulations and explanations are a summary, as it is not possible to describe all potential situations. Consequently, and to the best of your knowledge, you should try to interpret below regulations in the spirit in which they were written (i.e. as a responsible user of the computer systems), and in case of doubt you should ask for a clarification a relevant and competent person.

1. Protection of Files and Software

Most of the software installed on the computer systems is subject to license agreements, which prohibit its being copied or installed on other systems. Consequently, You are not allowed to copy any software without prior permission from the system administrator, even if it is technically possible to do this without violating the security system. It is your responsibility to ensure that all files which you have installed on both multi user systems and PC/workstation systems are in conformance with the current copyright regulations. you are also responsible for all files in your personal accounts. Files and software of other users are in most cases their possessions, just like personal papers.

2. Network

Many systems are connected, via networks such as e.g. the AAU network (and its subnetworks), DENet, NORDUnet, etc. to systems maintained by other organizations and companies. You are only allowed to use these systems and network connections in order to communicate with other systems via regular public net services, such as anonymous file transfer and electronic post. You are not allowed to use any other systems (e.g. via terminal protocols, remote execution, etc.) without prior permission from the relevant organization (e.g. in the form of user registration). You should abstain from any kind of attempt to break the security systems of Aalborg University or any other organization. You are not allowed to attempt to hide your identity when sending files via networks (e.g. electronic mail and network news).
You are not allowed to perform or supply any network services without written permit from the system administrator.
You are not allowed to attempt to connect any equipment to a network, except where this would be allowed according to other regulations or in cases where the system administrator has given his/her permission.

3. Resources

System resources in the form of CPU capacity, terminal access, storage capacity, network traffic, etc are limited, and consequently must be used for appropriate purposes (i.e. education and research). You should endeavour not to limit access to the system for other users by using unnecessary resources when working with the system. You should not use resources for irrelevant or inappropriate purposes.

4. Password in Connection with Multi user Systems

Access to multi user systems (e.g. UNIX systems) is controlled with a login name and password. You should be aware that that passwords are strictly personal and may not be transferred to others, and that you arenot allowed to make use of other users' privileges and resources.

5. Abuse and Sanctions

You should be aware, that abuse of these regulations may result in temporary or permanent withdrawal of the right to use the computer systems at Aalborg University, and depending on the gravity of the offence, may result in dismissal from the university and/or report to the police. You should be aware that the system administrator may, if abuse is suspected, examine your files and your use of the systems and network.

6. Publication of Changes of the Regulations

You are obliged to keep up to date with respect to changes in the regulations concerning the usage of the computer systems at Aalborg University. Changes will be published in "Uglen - Aalborg Universitetsavis", on notice boards, via electronic mail, bulletins, or by other means. You should be aware, that some departments at Aalborg University may have local regulations which must be observed and you should keep up to date with respect to those regulations as well.

7. Concerning the "System Administrator"

In the preceding text, all references to "system administrator" are meant to indicate a person appointed by the institute or department who is responsible for the administration and use of the institute or department's computer systems.